Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Upcoming birthday girl.
Semoga from now, kau makan benda yang berkhasiat, go exercise and do plank. 

So you will looks pretty (flat tummy, loss weight) on your day. hehehe.
I'll pray the best for you. Jalani hari anda dengan kejutan from anyone lah. Not from me je. (sedih kena celebrate on the weekend. Not on your actual day) huwaa. But it's okay. I try to be the sweetest friend in the world and you are gonna cry (eventhough u doesn't has tears!) 

Dia ni suka perasan sorang2. Tapi 'keperasanan' dia tu memang benar lah kan.
Siapa dalam dunia ni tak comel. Semua ciptaan Allah comey belaka.